Events at BeYogaBound

Who can practice- These practices are open for all levels, request you to discuss any serious health during booking or before the session. All the classes needs prior booking. Kindly enquire for timings. Some of these events are seasonal. Limited slots.

Sound Meditation

Sound energy tuning and meditation establishes Relaxation & Destressing of the body and mind. Sound, the finest and most subtle form of energy in this universe.
This session will feature the use of the science of panchamahabhootasiddhanta (formation principle behind the universe related with the five primordial elements and their fusion) applied through samaveda.

Teacher - Gideon Crasto

Time – 7am every Saturday

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Aqua Yoga

H2O is heaven to the human body as it consists of 70% water, the traditional asana can be practiced in the water for better benefits as follows, yoga is a balance of mind and the Body, using water for practice brings relaxation to the entire system, more awareness of the breath resulting in a healthier and happier you.

Teacher - Yashaswini

Time - 8am Every Saturday @ziva suites

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Sunset Yoga

It’s a pleasure to do a yoga practice at the edge of the world by the ocean as the sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks, birds flying in flocks to return home and the twilight as the sun goes down, the setting brings an essence of ease and perfect relaxation expected during a evening yoga practice.

Teacher - Yashaswini

Time - 5.30pm Every Saturday