Sound Meditation

Sound energy tuning and meditation establishes Relaxation & Destressing of the body and mind. Sound, the finest and most subtle form of energy in this universe.
This session will feature the use of the science of panchamahabhootasiddhanta (formation principle behind the universe related with the five primordial elements and their fusion) applied through samaveda. Through the use Sound energy reinforce the control of prana in the physical body.

What to expect from the session

  •  Hatha Yoga Practice.
  • Practically understand the relationship between sound, the human body and breath through the depth of vedic science.
  •  The guests will be seated in a controlled environment, and guided through processes of simple breathing and observation in an atmosphere of rich sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and other exotic instruments.
  •  The intended outcome of the session is a complete relaxation of the mind and the nervous system.
  •  Practical experience of prana – the life force behind the physical body – through the support of scientifically applied sounds.

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