Vipritakarni – Legs up on the Wall and Why ?

As a constant learner of the spine, movements and breath due to my passion and profession, I tend to come across a common question among friends and family and students .. LOWER BACK PAIN & NECK STIFFNESS ( thanks to evolution 😏 ) 
The best thing one can do for relief is to lie down and Put those legs up on the wall, it helps in evening of the spinal chord which allows blood flow without any constrain through the spine, if one can bring breath awareness here, then the movement of blood and breath put together helps release of blockages, stiffness, pain, tightness etc !! Who does it help ? 
Driving in traffic ? 🙄
Sitting working for long hours 🤯
Sleeping all day ? 😯
It’s for all of us, read below how to do this, 
❇️ If u you have a belt, use it on window bar and tighten till you reach 90 degrees.
❇️ Use a stole or dupatta instead of belt. 
❇️ Put your legs on the wall, if u feel your lower back is away from the wall, then use pillows or rolled blanket to fill the gap. 
❇️ Add breath work, atleast 25. 
❇️ Keep your eyes closed and surrender to the ground – mentally , physically and emotionally. 
❇️Relaxes the heart because it doesn’t not have to pump that much. ❇️Calms the mind, can stay for as long as half an hour it’s ok, the longer you hold the more it releases !!

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