is hard – I wondered when I first heard these words 
In my head I was like, seriously what do u mean when u say let go 🤔
I was looking for something that I can touch and see because I thought letting go was physical in nature and honestly I really wanted to let go and I still work on it. 
Few weeks or may be months later I slowly started to have the taste of what letting go means. 
It means for instance – letting go of fear of falling, understanding that if I fall down once from the bike, it does not mean it will happen every time I get on the bike.
If a dog chased me down the road once, I am going to run 2 miles every time I site a dog. 
Heart broken once does not mean it’s going to happen everytime. 
We build an idea / perception / belief – after some both bad and good experiences.
It’s about letting go of this idea / perception/ belief that we hold on to. 
We do try a lot of things with a fresh mind – we never stop watching movies because we did not like 1 movie 🎥 
Or we don’t stop eating dosas ( obsessed) because one morning it did not taste good. These are easy to let go and try again. 
Letting go is the hardest when we have gone through something unbelievable or unexpected because it might have shaken the core of life itself, being vulnerable is a better space v/s Fear / imagination. 
It’s a WIP consumes time and constant work !! But then it gets replaced with a new experience 💚 Some deep thoughts.

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