Foodhacks – 🥦

“Everything you see, I owe to a spaghetti ” – Unknown 

There are a few important things which all livings beings do everyday for a livelihood of existence 
In the cosmos the earth 🌏 rotates around the sun 🌞 the moon 🌓 goes into phases, In the animal kingdom they pretty much function with the sunrise and sunset ( wonder what their late night party would look like ), they hunt for hunger and look for safety and rest. 
We humans with super brains also spend, keeping an average of 71 yrs as a life span as of today – we spend 25 yrs sleeping ( not being able to sleep is Turing into an epedemic in our generation ) and about 5 yrs eating, let’s get some perspective about our hand to mouth experience in our daily routine,

The power food has is an experience in itself, it’s the most basic fix we need especially in today’s generation, with excess and easy availability of processed food, we are made to believe that those chips packets, canned juices and chocolates are normal foods, ❌ they are not
Every fitness enthu and health freak constantly said FOOD is a big player.
It’s probably hard to crack this code with so many foods and diets, let’s not forget cravings and habits. 

Anyway after an experience into food, hands down – food is fuel

WHY ??

Here are some basic info into this world called food, 

👉🏻 Do’s
✅Choose a good nutritionist – Because they are an expertise in letting you know whats your true fuel.

✅ Understand your body type ( vatta , pitta , Kapha ) 

✅ Climate that we live in plays an important role – extreme cold and extreme hot conditions both cannot have the same foods.

✅ Check if your body is imbalanced – stomach issues, constant headaches, fatigue, poor digestion etc are signs to lookout for.

✅ It’s not a diet to loose weight, it’s nutrition that body needs for the kind of activity ( matabolism ) you involve it in. For you to have more energy in the body and more clarity in the mind. 


❎ Do not self diagnose, with so many promising diets, when you don’t consider the above scenario before choosing a diet, you could be going wrong, it’s the worst thing to do ( avidya -half information ) there are people who are experts in this, let them do their job. 

❎ Once you get a hold of what goes behind planning foods, it’s a lifestyle change and for sure costs way lesser now, than future medical bills.

❎ Don’t take poor metabolism, poor digestion, craving junk food and sweets for granted.

Figure out your fuel its life changing.

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