Ayurvedic Packages

Free Flow Therapy

To release blocked energies in the body which enhances blood circulation and better function of all the vital organs in the body.

Rasayan Chikitsa

Deep relaxation Technique for your body, mind and soul.

Stress Management Package

Stress creates tightness in the body, shortness of breath , sometimes it also shows in the form of pain especially around the shoulders and lower back, removal of stress from your body and mind, helps in flow of energy , helping you cope with body aches, better breathing and a relaxed mind.

Panchendriya Vardhan Program

The 5 senses in our body are the processors of information from the outside world to the inside world, cleasing them makes us process information better as it sharpens our senses.

Ayurved Vardaan

Instant energetic treatments from ayurveda. Treatments included in above programs can change according to each body type, age and requirement we strongly recommend you to take consultation and find the best treatment which suits for your body.

Ayurvedic Packages include: -

  1. Ayurveda consultation, Medication ( herbal )
  2. Nutrition Consultation
  3. Massage Therapy for 1 hr 30 mins per day
  4. Yoga – Asana , Pranayama & Meditation 1Hr

Price: - 1 DAY – 4000 /- , 2 DAYS – 6000/- , 3 DAYS – 8000/-